Insight by K. Rajagoplan, P.A. Hameed


Insight is a textbook for college students. This Book has been framed according to the syllabus of ‘Readings on Indian Constitution, Secularism and Sustainable Environment’: a course offered by the University of Calicut, Kerala. The aim of this course is to promote an understanding of the pluralistic and secular traditions of our country and also to create an awareness of some crucial issues concerning the environment.

This book contains four modules namely essays, story, poetry and drama. The essays focus on important aspects of the Indian constitution and polity. By reading these essays students realize the values of healthy coexistence in a multicultural environment. While the stories prescribed centre on burning subjects in our contemporary world, the modules on poetry and drama endorse the need to care for the environment. The content has been designed to enable students to understand the themes of the prescribed texts and imbibe the values put forth therein.
Probing questions, detailed glossary, biographical notes on authors, summary of texts, additional theme based learning material, and suggested reading list make Insight a very handy book for students.

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